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Our new Lego idea is based on the 1985 smash hit comedy movie Teen Wolf starring Michael J. FOX. Unfortunately turned down for submission on the lego ideas website as it did not meet thier 'acceptable project content guidelines'

What is LEGO ideas? - fans create a submission for a potential new LEGO set. They then publish the idea on the ideas website for other fans to 'support', any idea that receives 10,000 supporters goes into review with LEGO. Who then decide if it becomes an official Lego set.

The set even contains a ‘nod’ to my previous Red Dwarf LEGO idea, see if you can spot it!


Keith Lemon receives his very own Teen Wolf LEGO set!

After the Teen Wolf Lego received 1000 re-tweets on twitter, it caught the attention of the one and only Keith Lemon (a.k.a Leigh Francis) but the best was yet to come...

Keith had started 'following' the Bob's Vintage Bricks twitter page, after talking it over with Richbrix (collaborator and Teen Wolf minifig creator) we decided to get in touch and offer Keith his very own set. What's the worst that could happen?

Keith was extremely grateful and as a thank you he asked if i'd like to bring the set with me to London and meet him after watching Celebrity Juice live!

My Wife and I couldn't believe our luck when we arrived at the studio, we we're on the VIP guest list which meant we got to meet the stars after the screening of the show.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Leigh(Keith) and I did not realize just how much of a hardcore Teen Wolf fan he was, he explained to me how he owned the actual Teen Wolf werewolf suit from the movie and how he was good friends with Mark Arnold who played 'Mick' - Michael J.Fox's nemesis. Richbrix had provided an extra Mick minifig for Mark at Leigh's request which i took down with me.

The question people ask me the most now is "what was Keith Lemon like?" well i'd have to say that 'Leigh' is a true 80's fanboy who knows his movie knowledge and a thoroughly nice guy!

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