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Please read carefully before purchasing instructions(only)

Back in May 2020 I made the difficult decision not to sell the instructions for my Red Dwarf LEGO Idea due to some extremely rare and custom coloured parts used in the builds.

However, after since receiving messages via my various social media channels stating that you'd "do whatever it takes" and that you'd be "happy with the challenge" I have now reversed my decision, but I must stress the following..

Sleeping Quarters

The 24 x 24 baseplate used is extremely rare (only 8 available on Bricklink at the time of writing)

The black technic 1/2 pins are so rare that I did in fact custom paint the ones used in my original submission.

Blue Midget

The tail piece (part 3479) does not exist in dark blue and must be custom painted/sprayed. However I have included an alternative build method for free if you do not wish to do this (see bottom of page)

The poles used (part 99784) need to be cut to length

Additional to the above, there are also a few other 'not quite as rare' LEGO parts used in both builds.

Please download the parts lists for free before committing to buy and see my FAQ page for information on where to order parts from

Please note: the final builds differ slightly from the images above as I have tweaked the design over the past few years, including a brand new set of custom tiles from (which you will need to complete the builds)

Finally, I have invested years of my life in these builds so I would appreciate if they were not shared for free over social media.

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Buy Sleeping Quarter instructions (only)


(Instructions will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase)

Buy Blue Midget instructions (only)


(Instructions will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase)

Download Sleeping Quarter parts list (free)

Download Blue Midget parts list (free)


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Buy Custom Tiles from

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Download the Skutter instructions and parts list (for free)

Please feel free to send me your images of the completed builds and I will share on my social media.

I hope you enjoy the builds as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Blue Midget alternative build.png

Download the Blue Midget - alternative build method and parts list (for free)

Alternative build instructions

Alternative build parts list

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